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7.5 Inch Chocolate Pizza Crust Mold


Manufacturer: Mold Store USA

Product Information

This 7.5 inch chocolate pizza crust mold is made with heavy duty .040 thickness clear PETG food grade plastic. This mold has 6 break lines molded into it to make it easy to break apart the chocolate into serving sizes.


These chocolate pizza crust weigh in at an average of 1 pounds or a little more once cast from chocolate. You can put all kinds of toppings on this chocolate pizza crust and have a chocolate pizza party and invite all of your friends!


General dimensions of the crust is about 3/8 inch thickness on the bottom and the crust is about 3/4 inches tall. This is a single cavity mold. (You can make one chocolate pizza crust at a time with this mold).

Product Code: CPC-3


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